Seven Days (Introducing Screen Corps)

My name is Jim. I enjoy learning about and working on movies and filmmaking – broadcast and cinema production technology and techniques. While I learn new things about web development I’ll be putting together this site. My hope is that will eventually become a place for Christian Filmmaking, where Christians who are interested in filmmaking, or any media related specialty, can come to interact with each other, share projects & ideas, solve problems, ask questions, and learn.

Now I’d love to do all the development myself and for free, but I know as things progress that will not be practical or possible. A wise man once said that God gives us dreams bigger than ourselves so we will have to rely on Him more fully. So I trust that there will be experienced and professional friends or friends of friends who will pick up a piece of the dream and share some solid knowledge and skill with us.

Please pray for us and watch this site for new developments.

A great way to get started in film making is to participate in the 168 Hour Film Project and in keeping with the seven days idea of the Bible and the 168 Project; The information in Screen Corps will generally be organized around seven unique categories – metaphorically based on the biblical seven days of creation and related directly to seven basic phases in film production…

  1. Day One is about Concept. There is no story without a story idea. There is always some spark. Some inciting incident that we experience which brings creative ideas to mind. How do you come up with good creative ideas? Information, articles, resources and discussions related to creativity, how to be creative, and how to come up with story ideas will go in this category.
  2. Day Two is about Development. Writing screenplays to be more precise. Everything to do with screenplay development will go into “Day Two”
  3. Day Three is all about Pre-Production. Among other things, this is where the screenplay is broken down into practical elements related to actually “making” a movie and all the elements from breakdown are listed into a budget. All the crew, equipment, location, casting, and post production requirements are estimated and taken care of in this category of work.
  4. Day Four is all about Production. Lights, sound, camera, action!
  5. Day Five is all about Post-Production. Editing, compositing, special effects, sound track, music, foley etc.
  6. Day Six is all about Marketing & Distribution (those two always seem to go together)
  7. Pop some popcorn; Day Seven is all about film Exhibition.

Of course in Screen Corps these are not literal “days” and they are never so neatly divided in real live. Every film project is different and there is often a fair amount of overlap and slop between these categories in film making. But they do provide a useful way of thinking about important things that need to happen to make a successful film. I know topics will not always fit so neatly into one of these “days”, like financing or entertainment law. We’ll have to cross that bridge with we get to it.


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